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The documentation relative to "Maria Theresien-Konzession" that mentions for the first time the farmhouse with the restaurant dates back to 1779, but probably it has existed for a long time before this date.

On 16 October 1888 te farmhouse was donated as part of a dowry for the wedding of Franz Riedl (second son of Seekirchen's "Schachlbauern") and Elisabeth Kaltenegger (the beautiful "Kramer-Liesl" of Seeham.

Their flourishing horses trade extended as far as Hungary allowed then to build the restaurant.

Their happy relationship produced 10 sons.
Their firstborn, Franz, and his wife Maria Flöckner, inherited the Hartlwirt in 1925 and became the largest horses traders in the Salzburg region. Their only daughter, Maria, became he new owner of both the farmhouse and the restaurant and its 32 hectar of land when she married Johann Feldinger in 1948.

In their totally mechanized farm Franz and Maria produced the famous high quality milk "Feldingers Vorzugmilch".
In 1970 their firtborn daughter of 4 sons, Lieselotte, married Adolf Huber from Mattsee. When 6 years later, with the sudden death of the father, Lieselotte and Adolf became the new restaurant owners, they completely renewed the building, transforming the stables into guest rooms and big halls for parties and meetings.

One of this halls became the venue for the rehearsal of the "Camerata Academica" of Salzburg's "Mozarteum".
With the new millennium, the ownership of the Hartlwirt goes to their older daughter Heidi, whom manages it according to tradition but with a youthful and modern touch.


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